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Sporle Primary Academy


Homework is a valued and important part of your childs education.  We work hard to ensure it is matched to their ability from Reception to Year 6.  

Activities in the early years will include reading and sharing books with you, learning phonics and words, spellings, maths challenges and topic work.  We encourage that where ever possible these tasks are an opportunity for you as a parent/carer to share and encourage their learning experience.  Little and often, is enough to see a dramatic change in a child’s academic progress - we recommend about 15 minutes daily at this stage.

As your child progresses the activities will naturally become increasingly independent and may take different forms, this helps build your child’s transition towards high school.  We anticipate that by Year 6 your child’s homework could take up to 45 minutes a week.  Any support you can give your child to provide a quiet and suitable environment to be able to concentrate on completing their tasks is essential.  

We recognise that learning methods today are often very different to those you experienced at school.  We will provide basic guidelines to the new methods we use so that you can support your child at home.  Your child’s teacher will be happy to help explain any questions you may have.   We will also offer workshops at the beginning of each academic year.

We believe that this support at home is vital for your child’s confidence and development. This experience should be beneficial to you both, therefore if your child is tired or frustrated we recommend pausing, and leaving it until a more positive opportunity arises. We also realise that circumstance may occur when homework will not be able to be completed - please do not worry about this, we do understand.  We encourage you to discuss any issues with the class teacher so we can be of support.